Leadership Charisma by Deiric McCann

This a series of 14 short clips on Leadership Charisma presented by Deiric McCann.

The series has 4 parts which cover 14 topics on how to become a Charismatic Leader:

  1. Why we call people charismatic?deiric mccann
  2. Charisma – A God given gift
  3. Charisma is about behavior
  4. Anyone can become a charismatic leader
  5. Charisma is like a kaleidoscope
  6. Two key charismatic principles
  7. The Charismatic Equation
  8. Charismatic leadership is a choice
  9. Charisma and the importance of communication
  10. Charismatic vision must be personalized
  11. The charismatic impact of enthusiasm
  12. Charisma and recognition
  13. Leader expectations and charisma
  14. Anyone can be more charismatic

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