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As a leader, your ability to achieve results depends greatly on your ability to inspire confidence and action in others. We’ve seen time and time again that leaders with charisma have a knack for getting their people to give more and do their very best. Although it is widely believed that you are either born with charisma or not, our research proves that your leadership charisma can, in fact, be developed. It can be fostered to bring about amazing results in your business and personal life.

Download the first chapter of our new book, Leadership Charisma, and discover:

  • The four-step Leadership Charisma Model that will make you a more charismatic leader.
  • How to make a charismatic impression on everyone you meet.
  • How to dramatically increase the charismatic impact of your one-on-one communications.
  • How to make your talks and presentations charismatic.
  • How to manage your people for maximum engagement, productivity and profitability.

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