No Succession Plan? No Success!

"The primary job of a board of directors is to see that the right people are running the business and to be sure that the next generation of leaders is identified and ready to take over tomorrow."

- Berkshire Hathaway annual report -

Effective succession planning helps companies recruit superior employees and develop them to full potential. A poor succession planning can damage or weaken an organisations' effectiveness and its sustainability. Without a succession planning process, organisations should prepare to face to a lot of human resource challenges when there is changing realities of workplaces.

Downloading No Succession Plan? No Success! to learn:

  • Two Critical Questions to Ask for Effective Succession Planning
  • The Difference Between, and Importance of, Workforce Succession Planning
  • Six Strategic Workforce Planning Steps
  • A Good Succession Planning Lesson from Apple
  • Where Your Company Stands in the Stages of Succession Planning
  • How to Work Out a Succession Plan in Your Workplace

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